Patrick Miller Painting's Portfolio

Various Carpentry Photo Album

  • Old garage doors were filled with termites. We rebuilt them all.

  • Here are the new doors after the finish paint.

  • Existing doors were missing for over 20 years.

  • We built new ones to give it a nice appearance

  • Custom privacy fence we made.

  • Interior side of the fence with a shelf for plants

  • Custom railing made out of clear redwood

  • The finished product.

  • This sill is in very bad shape. The lower windows are frozen shut

  • We were able to replace about 2 inches of the sill. Photo is after the first sanding.

  • Here is another sill that's in pretty bad shape. Lower window is frozen shut by owners choice

  • Here is after the first 2 inches were replaced and after the first sanding was complete.

  • Another sill that is beyond repair.

  • After the new sill has been installed.

  • Another garage door that we repaired.

  • After everything was painted

  • Yep, another window sill that needs repair

  • After the repair