Patrick Miller Painting Exterior Services

Here are just some of our exterior services features, if you have any questions at all, please give us a call.

Planning things out

Long Beach Exterior PaintingExterior Painting can vary between different painting contractors. So What I would like to do is highlight some of the things that we take pride in. One of them is before we start any job, everything is planned out according to your schedule and what works best for you. We know that having painters at your home 8 hours a day can be an invasion on your privacy. We try to make this experience as smooth as possible by letting you know what tasks we will be performing the next day as we move forward with project.

Protecting your plants

Patrick Miller PaintingWith exterior painting projects we take great care in keeping your plants and surrounding gardens in great shape, this is another area I take great pride in. You won't come home and see a painter cleaning his brushes in your rose garden. Before we start any exterior job, we will ask you where the best place to clean up is, if there is none then we will take our equipment home with us.

Making sure you have the right colors

Long Beach Painting Color SamplesColor Samples in my opinion are important. Sometimes what you see on that little color chip will end up looking completely different when it's on your house. This could be for a variety of reasons such as lighting conditions, the texture of the surface and surrounding colors. So it's best to apply some actual color to the house to make sure it's what you're looking for. Let's face it, if the color is not right then no matter how good of a job we do you are not going to be 100% satisfied.

Actually doing some prep work

Long Beach Painting Prep WorkPrep work. In general, 70% of painting a house is prep work. From washing, sanding, caulking, patching and priming. The other 30% is applying the finish paints. Prep is the key for a long lasting and nice looking job. We prefer to use oil primer for raw wood areas as it penetrates into the wood better then the water base primers. Also we try to do as little patching as possible. This is typically the first to fail due to expansion of the wood when it's wet and shrinkage when it's dry out.

Using quality finish paints

Long Beach Painter Benjamin MooreQuality finish paints. Just makes sense. You spend all that time on prep and getting it ready for finish. Why ruin everything by trying to save a few bucks on using cheap paints. We are proud users of Benjamin Moore paints.