Patrick Miller Painting Other Services

Here are just some other services that we provide, if you have any questions at all, please give us a call.

Patrick Miller PaintingPatrick Miller Painting performs all kinds of services in the painting industry. If there is something you are interested in that's not listed below then please give us a call at (562) 438-7373 or send us a e-mail at If we do not perform these services we might know someone who does.

Long Beach Interior PaintersCrown Molding - We can install crown molding, baseboards, door casings, and chair rail to add style to your home. A nice thing about having us do this instead of maybe hiring a carpenter is, we are the ones that will be painting the finished work. So we take a our time and make sure the seams are small and there's not six million nail holes to fill. Sometimes just by adding some crown molding maybe to your living room can make a really nice difference.

Long Beach Accoustic RemovalAcoustic Removal - We can remove that old acoustic ceiling you have to give your home a more modern look by either applying texture and paint or just painting. In General we spend 60% of the time hanging plastic, covering areas and proper setup. The other 40% we are actually removing the acoustic. Removing acoustic or popcorn ceilings over plaster walls is easier then removing from drywall.  Just a quick note here, if your ceilings currently have the heater coils in them, there is a 95% chance you will have to apply some sort of new texture or apply a skim coat to hide all the imperfections.

Long Beach Wallpaper removalWallpaper Removal: We can remove just about all types of wallpaper. This sometimes can be tricky because we have no way of telling what's behind the paper, there might be other layers or massive cracks. Either way we can remove the paper and make those walls look real nice by either applying texture and then painting them or we can just patch the cracks and paint.

Long Beach Wood ReplacementWood Replacement. In most cases we can repair your damaged wood. From wood that has been eating away by termites to wood that has been effected by dry rot. This is something we really enjoy doing as it takes some good craftsmanship to do these type of repairs.

In some cases it might make more sense to just patch the bad areas with either bondo "for large areas" or Elmer's wood filler for the smaller areas. In general the main reason behind this would be the cost of replacing vs patching. If we have to tear down a section of your house to replace a small piece of wood then in my opinion it would make more sense to deal with the issues of us patching the area instead of replacing it.

If you have some wood that needs some work, then give us a call and we can determine what would be the best approach on how to handle it. Please see some of our work at our Carpentry Page